Automated Turret Laser Punching

Automated Metal Punching Services


Anchor Metal Fabrication provides automated metal and CNC turret punching services that manufacture sheet metals. A turret punch press has been a tool utilized in fabrication shops across the country for over 75 years. It supported the quick production of small volume runs. With the evolution of technology in the industry, the addition of lasers to these tools has provided for faster setups and removed the need for punches and dies. With our 20,000 square foot facility, we can provide you with quality assured automated metal punching services that will satisfy your needs. 

Automated Metal Punching Equipment

Anchor’s automated metal punching equipment is a white laser with the ability to countersink, tap, emboss, counter bore, louvre, form and work with special width and special tooling requirements.  The laser provides the ability to cut irregular shaped holes.  The purchase of this equipment was to expand our capabilities while improving efficiency and quality. 


Key Advantages

  • Full automation reduces costs
  • Multifunction capabilities improve efficiency
  • Reduced tooling costs
  • Tighter tolerances
  • Improved efficiency in the production of complex parts.

Our highly qualified engineering staff is a cornerstone to the success and partnership with our clients.


Automated Metal Punching Process

Anchor Metal Fabrication is capable of all of your precision sheet metal fabrication needs with our state of the art equipment and facility. View more on our processes, facility and team below.

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