MIG & TIG Welding

MIG & TIG Welding Services

Anchor Metal Fabrication provides MIG, TIG and Spot welding, which is crucial in the process of metal parts fabrication and components.  We have experienced and skilled welders who are also Stainless Steel Certified.  Quality manufacturing is crucial to our clients and with the combination of experienced and certified welders, Anchor is positioned to assure our clients receive the quality they expect for Mig & Tig welding.

MIG Welding

MIG, Metal Insert Gas, welding, the commonly used name for Gas Metal Arc Welding, creates strong bonds which ensure durable welds.  The process is portable, clean and is used in applications that require thicker metals.  MIG welding is more commonly used, the process is faster than TIG while providing strong bonds of up to 70,000 psi tensile strength.


TIG Welding

TIG welding is the common name for GTAW, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding.  With TIG welding the bond is formed by heating the metals with an arc between the welder and the piece.  The metal can be melted together with or without requiring a filler. This process can create neater welds.


Spot Welding

Spot Welding, or resistance welding, is more commonly used to join sheet metal materials. The parts are heated and the material between is bonded together through applied pressure and it does not require a filler material.


Anchor Metal Fabrication Welding Process

Anchor Metal Fabrication is capable of all of your precision sheet metal fabrication needs with our state of the art equipment and facility. View more on our processes, facility and team below. 

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